Mission Work: Brazil 


Our mission in Brazil was founded in response to the call made by Pope John XXIII for religious communities to establish missions in South America. In 1964, Mother Agnes Cecilia Troy sent five Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester to Mateira and São Simão, Brazil.

Today there are eleven Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester in Brazil, eight Sisters from the United States and three Sisters from Brazil. They are educators, healthcare providers, counselors, and pastoral agents. Since their arrival in Brazil, our Sisters have strived to walk with the people they serve – understanding that we have as much to receive, as we have to give.

The Sisters in Brazil have a website in Portuguese. To learn more, please go to isjrochester.com.br.

Celebrating 50 Years

In 2014 we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the SSJ Mission in Brazil!  Click the links below to see the people, places, and experiences we featured during the year long celebration.  


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