Become a Collaborator

"We hold the spirit & charisma of the Congregation close to our hearts."

We, the Collaborators, are a group of former and current members of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester who hold the spirit and charism of the Congregation close to our hearts. We bring different perspectives on how the charism is expressed in today’s society.

We serve as a link, reaching out to former members, supporting, and building reconciliation.

Working together, the Collaborators are committed to:

  • Including prayer and faith sharing as an integral part of each monthly meeting
  • Carrying out the SSJ spirit and charism by being of service, and becoming involved in ministries as discerned by the group
  • Relating our efforts to the plans and activities of the Sisters of Saint Joseph
  • Reflecting on the issues of the times and determining appropriate responses and involvement
  • Hosting and leading one monthly “Prayer for Our Times” each year
  • Welcoming former members to participate in a variety of Congregation-related activities, especially through reunion
  • Participating in Congregational events and communicating monthly with the Congregation through the SSJ Newsletter